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Heading for the High Road

Sometimes, asking the right questions is more important than knowing the right answers. In Heading for the High Road, a companion volume to High Time to Take the High Road, you’ll find a shift in focus from a collection of pithy answers to a collection of rhetorical questions, designed to help readers take a deeper dive into the heart of many common leadership challenges, without offering up any answers. Like it’s alter ego, this book is illustrated with beautiful nature photos intended to provide a brief respite from the press of every day work and create a quiet sanctuary for pondering the larger leadership issues that every senior leader must ultimately answer for him or her self.


Lately, CEO’s have gotten as bad a reputation as lawyers and politicians. This reputation is largely unfair, since it has been generated by the bad behavior of a handful of high-profile leaders. In her book, High Time to take the High Road, Rebecca creates a light-hearted compendium of arenas where leaders can start to Take the High Road. Rebecca illustrates the book with beautiful photos, to engage the reader’s right brain’s creative thinking in addition to their left brain linear thinking. This simple layout creates a soothing visual environment in which to ponder the complex mysteries and challenges of leadership. Subject areas such as Accountability, Balance, Culture and Decisions all get addressed in her usual spare style, each with a provocative statement begging for a response, such as: Ultimately, you are responsible for everything.


Many, if not most, of us doggedly resist the painful truth that only by living through the process of being broken, and experiencing all that comes with that brokenness, can we achieve meaningful personal growth. Indeed, life-changing transformation often comes from painful experience. When we live through the pain, we often find wisdom, humility, insight and awareness on the other side.

The irony is that while we may need such transformational events to shape a brighter future, we resist paying the price. But, if we will allow it, pain can serve as grist for discovery of beautiful new facets of our selves – created through the alchemical process of turning pain into power, despair into passion and brokenness into a higher purpose.

Starfish Leaders tells the stories of five individuals who experienced such painful events, but through their pain found new meaning, new purpose, and new passion – regenerating a better and stronger whole from their brokenness.


Did anyone ever teach you how to make good decisions? Not how to ask for advice from an expert but how to make important personal decisions that an expert can’t answer for you.

If you’re like many people, you are still paying the price for at least one bad personal decision you’ve made, a decision that you may even have felt uneasy about when you made it.

In Living in Yes, Rebecca candidly blends personal stories from her own life with teaching vignettes about fictionalized characters who have learned to apply the tools that she uses as a leader coach to help her clients improve their decision-making capabilities. Topics such as energy, attraction, and serenity are all touched upon as she argues persuasively that to live in yes, you have to say no, and in a surprise twist, if the answer is maybe, the answer is no.


22 Meditations for World-Weary Leaders

Leading From the Slow Lane is a small book that is meant to engage pressured, driven, burnt-out leaders in a large way. It is written for all those hard-working individuals who yearn to slow down and lead with a centered mind, a relaxed body, and a serene spirit. If you believe that now is the perfect time to begin your journey in the Slow Lane, then a good place to start is by reading and pondering these twenty-two short meditations which are intended to help you move toward calmness, as you recognize that life is not an emergency, wisdom, as you continue your own process of self-discovery and joy, as you respond to the exquisitely beautiful and wondrous world we live in. Why not give yourself the gift of time to slow down, enjoy these meditations and celebrate this amazing life of yours?


A Simple Book for a Complex World


A Book of Values to Raise Your Spirits