Leadership Coaching

As a leadership coach and confidante, Rebecca creates a connection of constancy and consistency, from conversation to conversation, and makes your personal and professional growth the sole focus of the relationship.

Rebecca can assist you by:

• Holding a position of political neutrality and non-attachment to competing agendas, providing you with a psychological sanctuary, and helping you know what you don’t know and see what you can’t see.

• Asking probing questions to help guide and clarify your thinking and coaching you to find your own answers.

• Helping you assess your assumptions, beliefs and stories about what is true by illuminating your blind spots, identifying possible errors in judgment and analysis, and providing insight into your automatic behaviors and knee-jerk reactions.

• Helping you build an integrated team of individuals with differing experiences, capabilities and personalities who must ultimately trust each other, maintain productive team dynamics and create a healthy company culture.

• Supporting you as your raise your game to the next level of confidence, profitability and productivity.

• Refining your communication strategies and your personal brand.